Create a Google Map with your Google Contacts

In this day and age, being connect to your friends and family round-the-clock is no novelty. And therefore things have gone on to tough the next level in almost all spheres of technology. Here today we will discuss how easy it is to build a Google Map with the existing postal address of all your Google Contacts!

Create a Google Map with your Google Contacts

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The maps, which will be saved automagically in your Google Drive, can be used to know where your friends and loved once are? The farm-fresh Map My Contacts application will help you briskly identify the location of all your Google contacts on a world map. Won’t it be so much fun!

The map will actually be powered by a Google script which will work on to trace the address of your friends and relatives from your Google Contacts to show their locations on a Google Map.

Google Contacts on a World Map

All it takes is a simple step to convert your Google Address book into a Google Map. If you use Google Chrome – you can simply install an add-on or click here now to instantly access the “Map My Contacts” application within any other web browser.

The app will require a few permissions from you since it needs to access all your contacts on Google as well as access to your Google Drive where it will save the generated map.  The script is an open source code which is readily available on the website where it has been published as per the MIT license.

Once you get the authorization and the required access the application will run for a while, depending upon how long or extensive your contact list is, and then it populates a Google map embed within an HTML file. Moreover, a KML file is also generated within your Google Drive account with placemarks for each contact and this file can be opened within Google Earth by double-clicking on it.

Publish a Map of Google Contacts

In case you aren’t using Google Contacts as your default primary address-book, the app can still be used to map your contacts.

All you need to do is export your primary contacts to your existing address-book, which maybe Yahoo mail or Outlook or something, as CSV file, import it to Google Contacts and launch the app again.

In the background, the Google app script reads the work as well as home postal address of all your Google Contacts and then deploys Google Maps’s geocoding service for transforming for transforming these human-readable address in latitude and longitude values.

These points, once created, are used in a KML file which can be viewed easily inside Google Maps or Google Earth.