is Shutting Down: Top 10 Alternatives to Use is Shutting Down , We have best Alternatives to for you . is one of the most popular online storage services. Millions of users around the world depend upon the service to store their important data ranging from documents to pics on the cloud storage. However, there is some bad news for its users. As stated on the official website of the service, it is soon going to shut down.

The service won’t be available after 1st May, 2016. If you’re one of its trusted users, then it’s probably the time to look forward for using some other free online cloud storage service. If you don’t know the best service to replace your old and trusty, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. The following list enlists 10 best replacements for

1. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is best for you if all you need to store on the cloud is photos. Although the service is exclusively available for storing photos, you get 5 GB storage space for storing other files such as your documents and audios. The maximum file size of a single file that can be stored on the cloud service is 2 GB which is, of course, not that much but is more than ok if you have primarily photos to back up.

2. CloudBerry Box

ClousBerry Box sets itself apart from other cloud services by offering a bi-directional sync of data across remote systems. No 3rd party service is involved into data processing. Sync is done between end-points directly via your cloud storage account. You can easily use the service to sync different systems. Any change made to one system is automatically synced across all end-points. Furthermore, the cloud service supports multiple storages.

3. CmisSync

If you have any enterprise file service, then CmisSync is the most suitable cloud service for you. The service enables you to sync files easily from any enterprise file service to some other enterprise file server.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service across the globe. The cloud storage service is perfect for storing all your documents. Dropbox provides most of the best features that you can expect from an ideal cloud storage service such as revision history, no limit on a file size, file sharing, and syncing. As Dropbox has an exceptionally good Linux sync client, it is one of the best replacements for

5. Google Drive

Google has a lot of good products and services. What’s best about its cloud storage service i.e. Google Drive is that it offers 15 GB storage for free. You can store anything ranging from mp3s to your business documents on the cloud storage service. If you use other Google services then Google Drive is a best option for you as it can be integrated to many other major Google services.

6. Hubic

The French cloud storage service offers 25 GB of free storage space which can be expanded up to 50 GB via referrals. The service has pretty good features ranging from file sharing to multi-data sync. The cloud storage service offers a unique option of data backup which lets you archive your essential files. If you’ve been using on Linux then Hubic is a best alternative to consider.

7. OneDrive

OneDrive is curated by Microsoft and is one of the most robust online storage services. OneDrive is good to have by your side if you use other Microsoft services namely Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook. The official website labels OneDrive as the best replacement for itself. The free tier of the service offers 5 GB storage space which can be further appended with an extra 5 GB via referrals.

8. pCloud

pCloud is one of the best alternative to those users who are looking for a highly secured online storage service. The storage service is based in Switzerland and takes data security as their topmost priority. The service offers 10 GB of storage space in its free tier that can be extended to 20 GB via referrals and some other easy-to-do tasks. It lets you backup your data from Facebook, OneDrive and Picasa to your pCloud account.

9. vBoxxCloud

vBoxxCloud is a Netherlands-based cloud storage service. It offers cloud backup for big firms. You can easily manage users, sub organisations and all machines associated with your backed up data. Via the service, you can directly share your data with clients. The service all major platforms.

10. Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk is an online cloud storage service offered by the Russian tech giant, Yandex. You get a free 10 GB storage on the service and you can append it to 20 GB via referrals. The service offers preview support for several file types, which is a similar function offered by The service even offers a Chrome extension which lets you directly save/share files.

Complete all your data shifting before 1st May 2016.