Common sense of a geek and Geek charming strategies

Geek may be a new term for non English speaking people but those have very little about English, are known to this term with some extra ordinary description and related stories.So, Today we want to discuss the the term geek with inner lines of the actions.

Common sense of a geek and Geek charming strategies

Common sense of a geek and Geek charming strategies

Common sense of a geek and Geek charming strategies

Instant definition of geek:

The term geek refers people or youth who is an eccentric or non-mainstream, those are having some special skills on any one or more special tasks. English literature experts describe someone based on their technical and social skills in four categories such geek, normie, nerd and dork. Our discussion will be limited to Geek only.So, we are trying give inner sights of a geek. An outwardly normal person who has taken the time to learn some special or extra ordinary technical skills from his/her own. It is said that geeks have as usual a social life as anyone others have. Normally, the only way to tell someone is a geek if he/she informs you of his/her skills. On the other hand, we can directly say that someone who is interested in a particular subject either technical or non technical for its own sake and reveals the skills towards the world via any publication mode (print media, electronic media or online media). The definition of geek has changed considerably now these days, and there is no longer a definitive meaning due to World Wide Web as it has changed the interior meaning of the term. Now days, geek directly indicates technologically oriented people who keep them busy or pretended to be busy in technology related matters.

Interesting facts about geek:

We can surely say that a geek need not to be a smart or over smart as he/she is normally excluded for social life but a nerd always keep him/her busy with own surrounding circles. However New York Times once published a story about Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates by saying, ” Bill Gates was probably a geek in high school, and probably still is today.” Another interesting story have found on the Economic Times Magazine (published in 2011) when the US President Barack Obama met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg by saying, “The world’s most powerful man meets President Obama”. No doubt both cases are referred two great geeks in the world.

Fashion of geek:

According to the book Geek Chic indicates that the dress, the appearance, and the culture associated with computing and technology enthusiasts for regarding as stylish or fashionable to any special or ordinary meeting. However, Geek chic is a cynical marketing trend that tries to tap into the large geek demographic by superficially adding generically geeky elements to otherwise non-geeky people.

Courtesy of the movie Geek Charming:

Now come to the Disney movie named as “Geek Charming” which was released in 2011 and directed by Jeffrey Hornaday on based of the same named novel by Robin Palmer. The movie tries to promote geek manners such youth wants to win a school popularity contest where a high school diva permits a film club classmate to record her popular life, but more interestingly the film starts documenting her decline instead.

The author Robin Palmer carries a rich social theme about respect and self-confidence on geeks. The family-friendly content ensures that Geek Charming’s positive messages will reach kids and teens alike with encouragement of lives. The main character of the movie initially treats many of her peers with contempt and calls them “nerds” and “geeks,” but kids will recognize how her attitude changes over the course of the story as a geek.

Final thoughts of the author:

Every human being bears some characters of a geek as someone have large influence on geeky chic or some one have very little geeky manners. Hence, there might be nothing special as you are called as geek which doesn’t mean, you are a ordinary people or extra ordinary people.