Clean Master vs. CCleaner: Which is best for your PC?

Here is an analysis of clean master vs. CCleaner, to enlist the pros and cons of both the programs and review which might be the better option.

Statistics have shown that Clean Master was the most downloaded PC cleaning tool in the recent times, since after its launch. Many people are now claiming that it might give a tough competition to its contemporary tool the CCleaner. Originally designed for Android, it is used only by the company that has created it, namely Cheetah Mobile, has also released a PC version. This program claims to clean more than 500 programs and also get rid of junk files that we usually acquire when browsing the net or using different software. But on the other hand it’s no news that CCleaner is the most avidly used   cleaner tool used in recent times. Statistics also show that it has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

Clean Master vs. CCleaner


What is the difference between Clean Master and CCleaner?

To enlist differences amongst them are: –

  • Clean Master (Cleaner) is a complete cleaning application that will allow you keep your device always perfectly optimized, thanks to the different optimization options that are included that will let you clean the cache files, delete the cache files, or clean the history of programs opened in your device.
  • It is a very useful tool for maintaining a clean and optimized device. It will not only help you to have more useable free space for your PC, but will, generally, to make all processes faster.
  • On the other hand, CCleaner also known as Crap Cleaner informally, developed by Piriform, is mostly a utility program used to clean potentially unwanted files including temporary internet files, malicious programs and code tend to reside in such places and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer.
  • But once you install clean master it starts removing trash with clear data of how much it can clean but CCleaner shows manual options which you need to run.
  • It gives you proper information of which file should be cleaned before cleaning. And also we can control the other options available from its settings.
  • Studies show Clean Master found record 2.3 Gigabyte of junk files and Registry information once on its first run.
  • But on the other hand CCleaner when installed with CCEnhancer enabled found to be a total of only 4.4 Gigabyte (GB) instead. This difference can be accredited to Java Setup Files with a size of 669 Megabyte (MB) or more, Firefox’s HTML5 Storage filled with 341 Megabyte and Firefox Net Predictions with about 298 Megabyte.
  • And that’s not all the difference there is. There is for example no option to add your own locations to the application’s toolbars. In fact, there are no options at all or settings other than what has been added by the proprietors already. Though this does not make Clean Master a bad application. It found 1 Gigabyte of junk after CCleaner deleted all temporary files that it found on the PC.
  • The pros about Clean master are its organized layout and easy to handle features. It provides privacy settings and security options which makes it better than many other applications of its own kind.

To further explain which one is the better contender for pc optimization, here are some statistical details and technical comparisons:

Over 200 million people are using clean master currently. If we talk about reviews, clean master received positive reviews from most of the people beating CCleaner which received negative reviews regarding defragmentation, file recovery and hardware analysis. Though the app got 5/5 stars from CNET editors who called it a highly recommended and a must have tool in spite of minor faults.

It is not easy for us to say which one of the applications is better for pc since each one show good reviews from the customers.  Clean master can be a tough competition for CCleaner. Both provide 100% free download options.

From all the collected information we can conclude that Clean Master is a great looking program that is easy to use and quite good already in terms of locations that it scans for all junk files in our systems. While it is not yet at par with CCleaner combined with CCEnhancer enabled as of yet, it does a good job on its own considering that it is only a first version. The lack of options for customization is limiting in Clean Master in comparison to CCleaner. It lacks options to add locations manually for case in point which is one of the best options that CCleaner offers to out compete Clean Master.



  • tonyincny

    If Clean Master for PC is so good then why does Wise Disk Cleaner find another 30 Mb of junk files to clean right after a cleaning with Clean Master? Clean Master MAY be cleaning something but it sure isn’t cleaning everything.