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Penetration testing for the novice

Penetration testing (also known as pen testing) is an attack on an IT infrastructure to safely identify potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. Penetration testing, which is performed by gaining access to the data and

Should I install two antivirus in one PC?

Installing more than one antivirus on your PC is like flirting with danger. Running two antivirus in one PC is somewhat similar to having a backseat driver in your car. Each is just good enough to protect

A beginner’s guide to on-page SEO

SEO, as you’re already familiar, is a process, strategy or technique used by webmasters and SEO professionals to improve their ranking (reach and visibility) on search engines, which is highly important for businesses to reach out to

Write emails in HTML and send them via Gmail

This tutorial will help you understand how you can create HTML emails, either by using the given WYSIWYG mode or by creating coding message emails in using CSS and HTML, and send them to your preferred address

How to make eBooks with Google Docs

EBooks are a fascinating concept altogether. Not just it controls chopping down of trees for paper industry but in fact contributes to the world economy. EBooks have millions of users around the world – and count up

Take YouTube Videos Offline on your Mobile

YouTube is a handy platform for online video streaming. With its colossal database of videos across different genre, it surely stands apart from the competition in the online video streaming space. And not just online, you can