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Google receives 75 mn piracy takedown requests in February

Google, the Californian tech giant, has received more than 75 mn piracy takedown requests in the month of February alone. The requests include links to pirated media such as movies, album, videos, etcetera. According to TorrentFreak, Google

10 Most Selling Smartphone In World

If you are supposed to buy one new flagship for you, this is the right place to guide you. There are huge rush of stunning smartphone in the market so it is obvious for you to get

Kiddle – a search engine for kids – is now out

Yes, kiddle a new Visual search engine for kids, powered by editors and Google safe search uses humans to weed out adult content. Have you ever wondered about the need for having a kid-friendly search engine. If yes, then

Why Chrome looks zoomed in and blurry?

A new version of Chrome that is Chrome 37 was released last month with a whole new feature of rendering improved front on windows. The rendering on text mechanism was changed from GDI (Graphics Device Interface) to

Proxy server settings Methods in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome to hide IP

Proxy is not new term for common people but in the world wide web, the same term indicates some new meaning and it works complete different.  Internet Protocol(IP) is the basic of connecting world wide web where

Key Factors of Marketers and Entrepreneurs attentions on boosting traffic

Every marketer, blogger and web site owner desires own web page or blog posts to achieve most variety of individuals and find quality within the search engines. which is once more important for the journals and therefore the