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Facebook acquires the popular face-swapping app MSQRD

Facebook has added a new name on its list of acquisitions made in 2016. This time, the social media giant has acquired the popular face-swapping app dubbed MSQRD. MSQRD offers a variety of face-changing features in addition

10 Facebook tricks you need to know but you never knew

Facebook has become a staple for all our social networking needs. Whether you need to update a status, dig up a little info on someone, share your favorite pics with friends, do some chit-chat, etc.; the social

How to Switch to other language in Facebook?

Social networking sites are a rage these days. Everyone is eager to get connected to others on a virtual platform and these social networking sites provide them this opportunity. These websites provide a chance to present oneself

How to read chat messages on Facebook without read notifications?

Sometimes you really want to get rid of irritating face on Facebook chats. Initially, it could be done easily by not giving any reply and acting not to see the messages. But since ‘read’ feature has been

Hidden Factors of Successful Social media marketing strategies

Social media network websites become household name around the globe, specially Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ are the most popular among them. The approach of social media seems to be the sole work of a technical geek

How To Turn off Facebook Notification Sound.

When each new notification is received a sound is played by default in Facebook . So as to turn off Facebook notification sound just follow the steps below. 1 Facebook Login 2 Then on upper-right corner click the gear menu of any