How can I download an entire website for offline reading

Sometimes one might need to download an entire website to view it offline. Either because they want to do some work fast without getting distracted by other websites or social media that happen when browsing online or may want to catch up on reading or research while on flight or on the road. In any case downloading pages or a complete website for offline viewing can enable you to continue your work even without net connection.

It might be a rare situation but sometimes in life we land in places where there is no Wi-Fi or 4G. Like your grandparent’s place or a relatives place in the country or in planes. Bu if keep yourself prepared you can have all the required data in your very own hard drive to keep you busy.

Offline reading can be done in three basic ways:

  1. Downloading a complete website
  2. Downloading fresh blog posts or recent news stories.
  3. Downloading specific content from either article or a page.

We here will talk about all these above mentioned ways in which one can download and save web content for offline use in their hard drives.

To download a whole website:

Needless to say the time taken by this process to complete is completely dependent on the size of the website in question. For example a site like Wikipedia will take number of days to get done and will take up a large chunk of your hard drive space when done. But if you are considering downloading a simple sort of a website that lists a number of recipes or craftworks which you wanted to give a try, then complete website download can be a good idea given the circumstances.

The recommended software that most people use for this would be HTTrack, it can download media files as well as outside links in a website. It is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. This is an open source program and primarily might appear a bit too complicated for users who do not use Windows. But also in order to save a copy of an entire website, not just a webpage but a whole site, this is the easiest option out there. If you face any problems I recommend you tweak some of the settings to make the best of it. Although Linux users need to use a browser version of this program, the windows user version has a dedicated GUI of HTTrack. Linux users needn’t worry as more items and option can be added to the menu bar as they keep going to make its use easier and faster.

Mac users can also install and use this program with Mac Ports, but it is better advisable for them to try out Sitesucker, which is a Mac app that’s free and much simpler to install and also has its own GUI.

To download latest news posts:

If you are simply just interested in keeping up with the news, then downloading an entire site for that might not be a wise choice. It’s great that dedicated software and tools are available to us easily for reading news papers offline as and when we need it.

For this consider using Calibre, which downloads entire sites and converts them into any eBook format of your choice. Hence you can read them using any eBook reader such as Kindle, Nook or Kobo and so on. It also has a built in connectivity to the Iphone or Ipad app Stanza. It also offers a good built in reader for your desktop as well.

To download single web pages:

Downloading an individual page or content from the page is a simple thing to do in comparison to downloading an entire site. Nowadays the Internet offers a bountiful of tools that can help clip any web content for future reading purposes.

A particularly popular tool is Evernote, it can help to become your personal knowledge repository for online as well as offline viewing. You can read your favorite articles from websites by clipping them and can use them through either your desktop or mobile phone.