Best tech gifts for Christmas 2016

With Christmas being just a couple of days away, the excitement is building up significantly for an extended ‘holidays’ towards the New Year in prospect. Gifts, celebrations and merriment are synonymous with Xmas, since (like) forever.  As this year gears up to occupy a safe house in our memories, let’s have a look at some cool tech-techie gifts we can present to our friends and families.

But then, 2016 has seen a streak of mesmerizing tech and gadgets, right from the Amazing Amazon Echo to PS VR headset, meaning there are tons of options for you to choose from. If you’re one of those who find it hard to decide a perfect gift for your loved ones, this article will for sure bail you out of indecisiveness.

This list includes some handpicked devices to offer you inspiration on them and provide you with information on how and where to buy them.

Amazon Echo

best tech gifts for christmas 2016

Amazon Echo is an ultra-smart speaker system that makes use of Alexa, Amazon’s amazing voice assistance for controlling smart home devices, reading the news, playing the music, recording information, setting alarms and for much, much more exciting stuff.  It comes in a black and a white color variant and can be purchased for the official Amazon store or online. If budget is your constraint but the Amazon Echo strikes your fancy, you may well out for the Echo Dot, a smaller variant which can easily be plugged into a “dumb” speaker and is pegged at around US$ 40.

Sony MDR-100ABN

best tech gifts for christmas 2016

Sony is always in the list when we talk about top tech or electronic gadgets. You can choose a ritzy Christmas gift in the form of the colorful MDR-100ABN wireless headphones by Sony which unites high-resolution audio experience with a distinctive and bold design. The Sony MDR-100ABN, which sport advanced noise cancellation feature to prevent you from background noise, come in five color variants to keep pace with your moods and preferences. It costs between USD150 and USD180.

The iPad Pro

best tech gifts for christmas 2016

Owing an iPad is always some joie de vivre – and getting it as a Christmas present can be nothing short of an overdose of happiness. They are always on most lust lists around the world. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro released this year is super thin like an iPhone and flaunts an A9X chip, throttling a performance streak that clearly outrivals many high-end laptops and console-style graphics. The iPad Pro is available in four color variants, including gold and space grey.   It costs around USD549 and is easily available from a number of Apple Stores across the nations.

The Samsung Gear S3

best tech gifts for christmas 2016

2016 has been a revolutionary year for wearable devices. The latest smartwatch released by Samsung, dubbed Samsung Gear S3, is certainly the most advanced one out there. It features a confluence of cutting-edge features and compatibility, bringing together a built-in GPS, a sublime design and IP68 water resistant body. It comes in two design models, Classic that looks gentle and minimalist and the Frontier that is rugged and robust in looks, and is pegged at around USD349 from any Samsung Store. Gift it and see the expression of the one who gets it.

Amazon Fire HD 8

best tech gifts for christmas 2016

The Fire HD 8 is not essentially the cheapest tablet ever by Amazon but it is manifolds better in performance and appearance that the regular Fire tablet and sports sublime battery life and robust build quality. You can choose from a range of bright color variants from your nearest Amazon Store for something around USD70.

Have a blissful holiday time ahead.