Best 14+ Free Email Encryption Service

Best 14+ Free Email Encryption ServiceMost of us believe that email encryption service is no longer available, but there are many industries across the globe that need to encrypt email to maintain privacy. Whatever you are using, you can easily encrypt your emails.
You don’t believe?
Well, I have searched some free email encryption services for you. Let’s have a look on them.

1. Enigmail: It’s an extension of Thunderbirds, which, if used by GnuPG can encrypt emails easily. For using this it is necessary that Thunderbirds and GnuPG should be installed on the machine. Thunderbird version 17-27 is best for this for both LINUX and Windows. This wonderful service can be used on OS/2, Windows, Mac, BSD, and Linux. So try your hands on it.

2. Mailvelope: This magical service of encryption can be found in Firefox and Chrome as an extension, and can be used by integrating it with Gmail, GMX, Yahoo mail, Outlook etc. This service generates keys which user can save on his desktop and can import other user keys. This works with web mail clients, when you compose an email. The area where email is composed have small icon, you have to click on that button for encrypting the email. A person who is completely dependent on the web mail solution can trust on this service as it is best for that.

3. Infoencrypt: This is a very user-friendly method of encrypting an email. For this you just need to visit the website and type the email which you need to send confidentially. Now just type the password and your email will be encrypted. Now you can copy the encrypted email from the website and paste it to email so that you can send it to required recipient. Once the recipient receives the email, he can go back to the website to decrypt the message.

4. Mymain crypt for Gmail: This extension is for Chrome and it is Gmail specific. With few clicks of the mouse, you can encrypt the message. One this extension is installed, then you just need to go Mymail Crypt option and then generate the key. You can also import the keys from other people to whom the mail is sent, because of this extension you will see three new buttons in the bottom right corner of the compose window. Now you have all the encrypting power. Just click on these buttons for securing your messages.

5. Gpg4Win: This not only hides the actual content of the email, but if you are using any plug-in for encryption in Thunderbirds then this is the best service for you. Apart from generating keys this service can also encrypt the files attached to the emails. Both Kleopatra and GPG will install with the installation of this system with which GPG can be used easily. Kleopatra can be used for easy key generation also with the help of this you can import keys from other users also.

6. Hushmail: This is one of the very famous encrypted services across the globe. With this email is stored in encrypted form and it can only be decrypted with your own personal password. Here, email encryption and decryption is automatic. Suppose if you are sending an email to third person then a secret question can be used which will help the third person to decrypt the email.

7. SafeGmail: This is another free extension for Chrome which will allow you to send secure email via the technique of encryption. Here messages remain secret within the browser. The best thing about this service is that messages are self destructible, means if the recipient is not able to read the message in the specified time limit then the message will destroy automatically.

8. RMail: This is among one of the best encryption service across the globe. With the help of this service you can get compliance and end to end security. In this message are encrypted automatically. Here you can send at least 10 encrypted email for free in a month. After that, certain amount of money is charged from the user. As per my point of view, this is the best service as you don’t have to do anything. Just type a normal message and when it is sent then you will get a notification message of encrypted email.

9. MEO: MEO is filed cryptography software system for Windows or Mac that enable you to secure and decrypt files of any kind. Shield’s sensitive information against unauthorized viewers with the new encryption technologies to stay your documents safe and secure. Using MEO is simple. Send encrypted emails, or produce self-extracting encrypted files that the receiver will open the encrypted files on any Windows or Mac laptop while not having to put in the cryptography software system on their machine.

10. Trend Micro Email Encryption Client: This may be a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that permits secure, confidential and personal email communications between you and any of your Outlook contacts. Since regular email is transmitted “in the clear,” it’s at risk of interception and eavesdropping on the web and by on-line email suppliers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Safe, secure, and free for non-commercial use, Trend small Email encoding shopper ensures that nobody except you and your recipients will browse your encrypted email messages and attachments. Merely click the Send Private button from Outlook to decrypt the email message and any attachments with 256-bit AES, an equivalent encoding customary approved for utilized by U.S. government agencies.

11. Opolis secure email service: Opolis could be a high-secure email service. Combining the newest E-Mail security technologies, Opolis transmits processes and stores all of your confidential messages in encrypted mode. Accessible from everywhere the planet, Opolis operates on your laptop in parallel to straightforward email applications, like Microsoft’s Outlook or Apple’s Mail. The Opolis Mail consumer runs on any machine and doesn’t need any specific configuration. Opolis could be an absolutely integrated service supplier for all of your confidential emails, combining a worldwide infrastructure, server systems, backup facilities, and storage and client service.

12. Crypto anywhere: Crypto could be a program that’s sufficiently small to sit on a USB flash drive, providing free secure email on the go. Don’t have a PC yourself, however wish to safeguard your internet based mostly e-mail at your native net cafe? Crypto is for you. If you run Crypto from a USB flash drive, you’ll be able to write in code your email will not even putting in a package on your digital computer. With Crypto you’ll be able to send associates degrees receive secure email to and from anyone with an email account the recipients don’t get to have Crypto themselves. Crypto is a free for private and company use.

13. Mobrien offers you a free encryption service that transmit your email text message in associate encrypted kind, so it cannot be parsed for key words whereas on the way. What happens once it’s kept on the receiver’s PC is up to them and also protecting the security measures they need enabled. Your e-mail remains encrypted from the time it’s sent and till it’s received and decrypted by the supposed recipient. The recipient mechanically receives directions for decrypting messages. Now decrypted messages are transmitted across the net. Between transmissions, once your email is kept on mail servers, the message remains encrypted and also the content cannot be “sniffed” for specific key words, that is, that the manner during which email “eavesdroppers” choose the emails they need to browse. Mistreatment’s encrypted email service there ought not to exchange passwords or advanced public key details with encrypted email recipients. The recipients are mechanically sent directions for deciphering the encrypted email

14. Comodo: Comodo Free Secure Email Certificate permits you to guard your digital communications. The digital signature ensures confidentiality and provides secure message encoding with up to 256-bit security. The Comodo Free Secure Email Certificate is free for private use, integrates with Microsoft® workplace and major applications, and is trustworthy by widespread email purchasers. Email certificates give the strongest levels of secrecy of your electronic communications by permitting you to digitally sign and write in code your mail and attachments. Encoding implies that solely your meant recipient is going to be able to browse the mail whereas digitally linguistic communication permits them to substantiate you because the sender and verify the message wasn’t tampered with on the way. Comodo’s email certificates square measure free for personal/home users and square measure out there from as very little as $12 each year for business users.

15. SendInc: SendInc may be a web-based service that creates it safe and easy to transmit sensitive info via email. You and your recipients will use SendInc for gratis. No software package is needed. SendInc secures your messagePC by guaranteeing that your information remains encrypted from the time it leaves your through the time your recipients retrieve it. At no purpose within the method is your message information transmitted or keeps in Associate in nursing unencrypted format. SendInc any ensures the security of your messages by corroboratory your recipients are really you’re supposed recipients. Messages are encrypted with a robust randomly-generated encoding key that’s emailed to your recipients within the sort of a link. SendInc doesn’t save a replica of your recipients’ encoding keys and your message can’t be decrypted while not the key not even by SendInc. This implies solely your recipients will decipher the message information.

If you are looking to induce fast and straightforward email secret writing up and running, you cannot fail with any of the higher than tools. Not solely are they free, they’re so much easier than attempting to induce secret writing operating with Outlook and that they will not bathroom you down with having to get and install certificates. Offer one among these an attempt to see if it does not meet your email secret writing desires.