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Top 10 Tricks To Save Your Eyes From SmartPhones Strain

Are you eyes get red after working on computer or using smartphone ? We are all slaves to smart phones and spend maximum amount of time on it which adversely affect eyes and causes eyes strain. Many

How-To Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Using Kodi -Complete Guide

Today’s tutorial is dedicated to all the Kodi/XMBC fans as this article will cover all the things users need to know about it from installation to plugins. What is Kodi/XMBC? Kodi/XMBC is one of the most popular

How-to Disable the Windows 10 Upgrade Automatically

Are you looking for secure way to disable the Windows 10 Upgrade Automatically Few days back software giant released the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 10 which comes with lots of cool new features including new Start

How to Fix “Accessibility Link Library” Errors

Before going deep into Accessibility Link Library Errors it would be necessary to have some idea about Accessibility Link Library files at first. Accessibility Link Library “Accessibility Link Library” files are quite similar to executable files and

The 10+ Best Fitness Apps for 2016

Here are we with The Best Fitness Apps for you .In the daily hustle bustle of life one usually doesn’t get the time for exercises. But one needs to do regular exercise in order to stay fit. With

How to Fix Blue Screen “ADPU” Errors

Getting the blue screen warning can be really frightening as it can be the indication of an impending danger to your computer resulting in harassment and wastage of time and money. Though some think that reinstalling the