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How to delete useless photos from Whatsapp easily

Whatsapp is certainly the most space consuming app on your smartphone. We all have lots and lots of Whatsapp crazy friends and relatives who never really miss out on forwarding to us every single picture, meme, cartoon,

How to add speech recognition to your website

Speech recognition concept, today, is no novelty. Simply visit and you’ll witness a grey colored microphone icon sitting right up there in the search box. On clicking that icon, and saying something (given that you are

How to copy a complete folder to another in Google Drive

Ever since its launch some four years back Google Drive has acted and served as a dependable online vault that we can use to secure and store our important files and folders. It offers a big help

How to set expiration date for shared Google Drive files

When you create a share link for a file stored on Google Drive to share it with anyone, the link you generate is like immortal, forever to exist. The link will not expire or get deactivated on

How to Copy Someone’s YouTube Playlist

Millions of YouTube users across the world toil hard day in day out to search, select and manage the whooping amount of rich videos YouTube has on offer to create playlists that can be used to tailor

How to create a bookmark to quickly restart Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a big memory buster and this statement, I’m sure, won’t leave many of us stumped. Just launch a new Chrome tab and our system starts running out of breath. The de facto thumb rule