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Edit the text and images of your pdf file in the browser

How do you work around when you need to make some changes in the text or perhaps change any image in a PDF document? Well the most common route is to search for the source file, which

Create a Google Map with your Google Contacts

In this day and age, being connect to your friends and family round-the-clock is no novelty. And therefore things have gone on to tough the next level in almost all spheres of technology. Here today we will

How to set a picture password to your Google Forms

This easy tutorial by Geeker Magazine covers the process of adding image Captchas or picture passwords to your Google Forms. Setting picture passwords will prevent spam bots from filling your forms to make fake submissions. One crucial

How to get a report of all bounced email messages on Gmail

Have you ever got an email shouting ‘mailer daemon’? Yes, most of us come across one like that every now and again. The emails we send may at times, due to reasons more than one, bounce back

3 Chrome apps I can’t live without

Being a professional blogger and full-time social media freak, there’re a few things that really occupy a place in every thought of mine.  I’m mostly snowed down under n number of tasks at any given time, and

Send SMS text messages from computer to mobile phone via outlook 

Most of you would have surely never given it a thought that there could be anything bisecting Microsoft Outlook, the leading email client, and text SMS messaging on a mobile phone. Well, it’s actually there. You can