Apple Recycle and Reuse Program for iOS and non iOS devices



Apple is availing to us unique concept of reusing the devices such as iPhones, iPad, Mac, PC and more. If your device is eligible for purchasing by Apple Store Gift Card or Apple Online Store then it will reuse it or if your device is worthy for reusing purpose then it will safely hand it back to you. Apple is coming up with this program not only with its devices but also it is offering this to non-iOS devices like any Android smartphones or PC and Windows phone or PC. This is smashing opportunity for all. Reusing and recycle Program is open for all, all you need to do is to take your old and undesirable handsets to Apple Store. This program will not make you wait for long and you will get the real worth of your device. This service is available online also and you need to take store credit.

You will be given the option to take Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, LG and other phones or devices to switch to all the set up and process to get along with this. Infact I will discuss further about this in next segment. If your device is eligible enough to be turn on then Apple will take charge to purchase it and it will be recycled for the seller with full responsibility.

The service of Reuse and Recycling Program is introduced by Apple in October 2013. This is made with purpose to provide more customers convenience of selling their device at good price and Apple will reuse and recycle the program of their device or their purpose. In this process lot of work is need to be done to make it in full swing.

In this reuse and recycle program you need to get an Apple Store Gift Card to get the reasonable worth of your old device. For getting gift card you need to follow some simple steps so you will able to involve yourself in this program with ease.

How to get your Gift card

  • You need to explain about your device in details and only the right iPhone or Smartphones, iPad, Mac or desktop or others devices will be acceptable in Apple Reuse and Recycling.
  • You can have the information of the market value of your device which you want to sell in the Apple contracts with the partners. These partners will give you information and provide you best suited prepaid options for you and you can ship your product.
  • Getting this step done, you will be given Apple Store Gift Card in short time. Now you can use it for purchasing anything from Apple Retail Store or in Apple online platform.

This is the platform for your unwanted devices which you do not want to use anymore or there is little issue in your device. Any brands can get fair deal here with the help of Apple contracts and its Recycling solution. For that you need to generate prepaid shipping label after that you have to pack your device and send it to Apple stores online or offline. Other devices like batteries and other accessories can also send to the Apple retail store near you and they will recycle it free. This is the best medium ever for the needy customers.