Apple iPhone 5se News, Specification and Rumour

iPhone 5seApple is entirely going contrary to its strategy and breaking the rule. If the rumor is true it is saying that we would see the new launch of the Apple device that iPhone 5se in March 15 2016. I am surprised, is it going to happen. I mean rumour is heading over that iPhone 5se will be released just after 3 days of launching date.

This time Apple will also not involved in pre-order of its latest device iPhone 5se. The report is also claiming that iPhone 5se is the successor of iPhone 5s but when you go logically Apple should reveal iPhone 6se or iPhone 7se but why iPhone 5se. There is one more pointing thing is that instead of iPhone 5s, 6s or 7s, it is going with the se. Is that the new se series going to be there in the market from Apple.

Let us take a look at the brief description of the iPhone 5se outfitted with rumor. Apple has completely change its strategy by planning to make a entry of the iPhone 5se. So it is the great attention grabber so as per the rumor we are also predicting few facts:


iPhone 5s and iPhone 5se will share the same size of 4 inch. It is not everyone who likes to carry larger phone so this screen size is for them who like to carry small phone in their hand. There will be no 3D Touch that is also claimed.


We are hoping to see iPhone 5se comes out with A8 processor and it may be possible that we will able to see this device sporting A9 chip like the latest version of the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


iPhone 5 se will resemble lot like iPhone 5s. But we can expect it to have 3.5 mm headphone jack. There could be more changes in design with iPhone 5se.

Storage and RAM

This phone could come with 1 GB of RAM while when it comes to its storage it will sport 16 GB. It will also have its 64 GB version but 128 GB will not release surely. So there will be two variants.


When it comes to rear camera it is expected to have 8 MP while you can expect in case of front camera, there will be 1.2 MP front camera.


iPhone 5se’s rumor is taking minute things into consideration and there is also word about battery size so it will be around 1642 mAh battery. It will be the smallest battery so far.


It is likely to include NFC chip, Bluetooth 4.2 and there will be the possibility of the 802.11ac Wi Fi chip in iPhone 5se like iPhone 6s. It will support latest platforms also.


The availability wide range of happening colors like rose gold, space grey, silver and gold. Report is also flashing that feminine colors like hot pink, or bright pink may be in the line of availability in the market once it will be released.


When it comes to price there is indeed no clue about this. But as per the structure of Apple devices, iPhone 5se price could be more than iPhone 5s or may be lesser than iPhone 6. Only time will say about the price as no rumour is highlighting the price reveal.

We are taking all the rumors as the grain of salt and assuming that all possible things by far mentioned will come true or not. This is the situation we are now in. I can little shift my mind from rumor so there will be hope to see iPhone 5se with Touch ID. What is your opinion about this?

On the basis of rumor we are going so far but we are given a reason to go to that extend. Even the image is also highlighting on the web and suggesting the leaked images of iPhone 5se. We cannot proclaim with surety this is the real phone we are talking about.

In early 2016, the leaked video allegedly claiming about the iPhone 5se but later it was proved to fake. There is no clue what Apple is cooking up this time and going literally beyond its direction and making its fan confused. But we are assured that we do not have wait long as we will come to know everything soon in real and if there is any phone Apple is launching it will be in our hand within a month. So we can take a sigh of relief.