There is major competition between Androids and iPhones. Most of the people prefer to buy iPhones and most of them purchase Androids. If you are in the category of Android buyers then feel yourself lucky as Android apps for writers are increasing continuously. The count of these apps is so huge that they have to be categorized in different categories because if it is not done then you might get confused among all of them. So lets start with Writing tools.



  1. Diaro:- Basically, it is a password protected note/journal/diary writing application for Android. It has the ability to provide easy and quick way for recording your life moments. You can also make a record of your ideas, thoughts, experiences and activities. The good thing is that you can do this along with the label tags and location.
  2. Using eML for Dynamic eBooks:- With the help of this wonderful app you can easily publish your own dynamic eBooks on PCs, iPad, iPhone, Macs and Androids for free. This free book is a very strong eBook reader and creator.
  3. My Writing Spot:- Do you wish to increase your daily word count by writing from anywhere, anytime??? Then this app is just made for you. With the help of this app you can enjoy the experience of the uncluttered writing environment with you, even while you are on the go.
  4. Just NotePad:- Just like yellow tips app or to do list  this app is similar to a NotePad for Android devices. For accessing it, just launch the app, paste something or key it. If you have to close it without saving your stuff, then this app has the capability to save your work automatically.
  5. Orange Diary:-  If you think yourself a detailed person then don’t forget to use this app. This amazing diary option holds lots of customization which includes audio attachments, date and time format, backgrounds etc.
  6. Copy Paste It:- This is a great tool for writers as with the help of this you can copy any text from the screen to your text box.

Now these are few writing tools. Hope you will like them, but if you are interested in referencing tools, then I have some of the best referencing tools for you. Lets have a look on them.


  1. Words That Sell:-  This best Android app is blessed with 21 words which helps you to sell your product and make more and more money. You can also save lots of time with this app.
  2. English Literature Dictionary:- This is a brief biographical dictionary of English Literature. It is among one of the several books published about this company. You must have an experience of this and you can also try your hands on other apps published by this company.
  3. Urban Dictionary:- You can gain an easy access to slang phrases or words without using any browser.
  4. Grammar Guide:- Hmmm…. Your writing career can be saved with this app as it is blessed with quick references, helpful hints and general rules.
  5. Merriam Webster’s Vocabulary Builder:- With the help of this wonderful app you can easily increase your word power. The main focus of this app is on more than 1,000 vocabulary words. It also introduces about 2,000 effective studies.
  6. Wolfram Alpha:- You can get the free online access from Alpha or Wolfram computational knowledge engine for getting answers to a word of the question.
  7. Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus 2010 Complete & Unabridge:- This is a complete package of software which offers a reference solution and complete language for study, work and writing. This software will help you to express yourself well. So you must try your hands on it once.
  8. Fact Book:- With the help of this popular Fact Book referencing app you can have an easy access on CIA World Fact Book along with United Nations data and statics.
  9. The Writer’s ABC Checklist:- It is an easy to use, comprehensive guide for writers which helps in presenting and preparing their work for agents, print media and publishers. It is one of the greatest books offered by Digi Media Apps.

Now comes the turn of Instructional Apps. Lets see what they are:-


  1. Get Published:- If you feel that you submit an unsolicited manuscript to publishing houses or agents and they get rejected without even reading them with the help of this app you can learn how to do publishing freely.
  2. Career in Journalism:- If you are wondering to start your career in Journalism then this app can help you best. You can expect to fulfill your dreams with this app.
  3. Rhetoric and Composition Study: – For improving your presentation and writing skills you must invest in this book. This app can be proved best for college and school students.
  4. Publicize Your Book: An Insider’s Guide To Get Your Book The Attention It Deserves: – You can easily develop your social marketing skills along with your book with the help of this app.
  5. Writer’s Answer Book: – This book is helpful in answering aspiring writer questions and new authors questions. So either you are wondering how to get an OPRAH! Or how to get an agent. Then you should try it once.
  6. Wannabe A Writer?: – This app is recommended by more than 100 journalists, publishers, agents and authors. It is helpful in proving tips on how to get your novel published and how you can sell your articles and much more.
  7. Stop Procrastination: – Do you want to overcome the urge of procrastination??? Start using this app and you will feel the change. This is similar like writer’s block or something worse.

Now comes the turn of famous productivity apps. Let’s have a look that how they can benefit us.



  1. Business Time: – A wonderful tool which helps you to manage your time effectively. For keeping record your work performance you can also add voice memos and photos.
  2. Aldiko Book Reader Premium: – You can easily download and read many of the freely available eBook on your Android gadget. It also includes classics, new release and best-seller. It also has the facility to import your own PDF files and ePub.
  3. Document Scanner: – This handy app provides you the facility to scan your documents with the power of your phone’s camera. Not only can this have you saved the scanned documents in PDF format. After that you can easily email those scanned documents with the help of an internet connection.
  4. Call Recorder- Total Recall: – It is a simple voice recorder. You can also call it as a Dictaphone. This is also a good tool for interview.
  5. Executive Assistant: – An easy interface to review your calendar events, missed calls, text messages, emails etc quickly. Really, it’s a great time saver.
  6. Ever note: – You might be thinking that I am kidding….  But this is the simplest and the best app for keeping a straightforward record of your work. You can also do your work with the help of photographs, notes and stories.
  7. Time Tracker: – This app is great for tax purpose as you can easily track your billable time for your clients, anywhere and anytime.
  8. HanDBase Database Manager: – Now you can easily create and edit your database with the help of HanDBase Database Manager. It is the best tool for those who are always ready to face challenges and achieve their tasks.
  9. Printer Share:- You can easily print directly from your phone with the help of this app. You can even use your own printer. It is a handy app for late projects.
  10. Kindle: – It is among the best and most popular app for reading and downloading books on your Android device. The best news is that you don’t require Kindle to use this.
  11. Spell Checker:-  If you want more accurate spellings in your articles then try out this wonderful app. It will correct all your spellings. It not only supports English, but works on the platform of many other languages.

There might be some poets across the world who want an app for their skills. So there are few useful apps for them. Let’s have a look.



  1. RhymeNow Rhyming Dictionary: – You can easily find rhyming words quickly so it has a database of 55,000 English words. You can also use this app for composing poetry, song lyrics along with polished prose.
  2. Poetry 4 U: – An app strictly for poet lovers and poets. It helps you in reading and writing your poems, even after that you can share your poetry across the globe.
  3. Poetry SMS: – It is another wonderful app by which you can read, write and share your stories with the world. It is served with the ability of mass messaging.
  4. Poetry: The Basic: – A comprehensive guide which demystifies the poetry world by exploring traditions, poetic forms which initially seems bewildering.
  5. Poet’s Pad- The Creative Writing: – This poetry tool comes blessed with thesaurus and dictionary. It also has idea generator and 70,000 rhyming word suggestions.

I hope these apps will help you in writing purpose. If you have any other app which is also amazing, then please share with us in the comments.