Accessing Google Maps Without Internet Connection

Accessing Google Maps Without Internet Connection

In today’s technological world, it is not at all difficult to reach any place, even if you have been a naïve person to the distinct place. The Google Maps are the perfect guides to the travellers and will give you various ways to reach to your destination with each specified landmark. But, everything comes with a negative and positive aspect. The Google map works with the internet connection only. This is the normal fact with which we all are very well known, but it is astonishing to know that the Google map can work even without internet connections. If you are in any area where network is available, you need not to worry about your landing place.

You can watch your way as long as you aspire for with an Android or IOS device. The Google has recently introduced an interesting feature in the Google map app that can allow the users to save their maps on their devices. The certain routes and destinations that are you are probably to go, you can save those maps on your tablets or mobile phones and if in case, you lose the network on the way, you can at least have a glance on the routes prescribed by the Google map.

But yes, you cannot probably get navigation and traffic junctions on your way or any other route information. No wonder, having a reference to your destination place saves a lot more time. You need to have Google Maps version 3 on your devices so as to avail to this feature of the app. Also, you cannot save too large areas, but probably you can save small areas of your destination in various bits and then access it easily.

Guide to save the maps offline:

After signing in to the Google account so as to access the Google apps, you can see a search input box on the top of your screen, where you can type “OK MAPS “and then hit the search button to go for your desired route. A dialog box will appear on the top asking you to save the respective map for you. If you want to save it, you can save it with a save button available on the bottom of the screen. Thereafter, you can zoom in or zoom out the map and select the area you want to save for the later use. You must take care of the street and localities that you are known off well with so that if you get confused afterwards, at least you have some idea of where you are going. Saving very small areas in large numbers can create a mess and may confuse you afterwards when you look at them. It is preferably advised to save the small areas in the sequential way so it is easy to access from their name only.

You can easily save the selected area giving a good name to the map you have assisted for help. You can save the maps for 30 days only, so, you must save the map for the areas where you are planning to go within next 30 days only. After that, it will be expired automatically. The low space occupying feature of this will lure most of the audience and let you access it anytime and anywhere as per your requirement.