Access your Passwords from Just About Anywhere with Google Password Manager

Google Password ManagerDid you know Google has a dedicated online password management utility that you can use to store all your usernames and as associated passwords? Isn’t it just cool; so next time you need not feel the urgency to remember your user names and passwords while you’re away or on the go. Just tune into Google Password Manager and access your usernames and associated passwords at any time and from just about anywhere.

Using a dedicated password manager built into Google Chrome you can save your username and password anytime you enter a website on Chrome. The login details thus saved are automatically synced with your Google account and can be accessed across almost all devices by signing in through the associated Google account.

The best part is that due to the omnipresence of Google Chrome across all Android and iOS devices you can even access your stored passwords on your handhelds. Just in case you prefer to use a different web browser while on a mobile device, say Safari for iOS, you can still go to to access your logins saved inside your Chrome account.

It not only adds to the comfort of having all your important login ids stored within a secure Google account, but also saves you from the dilemma of remembering multiple passwords and their associated web accounts.

Here’s how to go about things: go to and sign into it using your current Google account and you should see a detailed list of all your web accounts and passwords associated with them.


For a bit of security layer the passwords are hidden beneath a series of asterisk; however, you can easily reveal them by clicking on the eye icon corresponding to each entry. You can even remove any of your stored passwords, though there’s no option as such to edit any password.

How to Hide Your Passwords

And this also reiterates the imperativeness of using a 2-step verification for your important Google account since by breaking into one Google account, anyone can easily access your complete inventory of important accounts and passwords via Google Password Manager.


For those who’re not much confident about using the Google Password Manager to store all your important account passwords, there are two simple resorts. First, quite sensibly, is by not having any important password stored in Chrome or, more technically, you can make them inaccessible through Google password website using the steps listed down-under.

Launch Google Chrome and head to Settings > Advanced Sync Settings. As an alternative, you can type “chrome://settings/syncSetup” without quotation marks  in Chrome’s Omni box  and press Enter. Then select choose “Encrypt all synced data with your own sync passphrase” under the given Encryption Options, enter a passphrase and hit Save settings.

All it takes is just a minute or two for Google to stop displaying your passwords and associated accounts through the Google Password Manager website. The settings may be rolled back to their default values at any time in case you ever change your mood.