Top 5 Password Managers For Window’s, Mac and Smartphones

Password Manager

There are major part of the people do not use strong password. Some people always use the same password for their different sites. The result is password leak which become the source of damage your privacy and your website can be spoiled. We should use strong, long and unique password for our sites that include symbols and digits.

To prevent such mishap you need to optimize Password Manager that secures your website. Password Manager will take the charge to keep your mind at peace as it will provide wall like protection to your password. It will remain safe for lifetime. Go ahead to grab any top 5 effective and strong Password Managers for your most precious websites.

 1 Keeper


Keeper is great source of navigating via various log ins. When you access to the website and you fill the login details and it requires buttons at the top of the function that fill your name and password. You need to touch again to put your password. Keeper sports 256-bit AES encryption and it is entirely authentic and safe. So you do not need to think twice before sharing your secured thing with the help of Keeper’s Vault.

Keeper is absolutely free to download, when it comes to save your data to the cloud, you need to subscribe for 1 year in $ 9.99. It supports different platform like Mac, iOS, Windows and Android so you do need to download other app or software to make it run in your system.

2. 1 Password

1Password + logo

1 Password earlier supports only Mac but after few years passing, it is able to cover iOS, Windows and Android also. If you are having 1 Password in your favorite device, you can secure your all passwords for different sites with one password that is the log-in of the 1 Password. It can secured it with 256-bit AES encryption so one master password can protect your all log-in information secured. You will not get emails of security threatening. All you need to follow the easy steps to create one strong master password.

3. Dashlane

dashlane + logo

Dashlane is also free software to download and makes you use the autofill, password manager and other features. But when it comes to backup your details and data to the cloud and for connecting device, you need to pay per year $ 29.99 for the subscription. Dashlane is miracle password manager as it is eligible enough to generate and save new passwords and apart from this feature, you can also keep the secrecy of the IDs, credit cards, account number and other info in the account of Dashlane Dashlane uses AES-256 encryption to secure your password and other personal details. This password manager is quite flexible in use.

This app is loaded with very unique feature that is color-codes and with the help of this feature you can color code the log in details of the websites. So for this process you do not need to use button for log-ins. Color code is smart in finding the other apps in the rush through the logos so searching your required website is easy. It supports Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

4. Password Box

Password box + logo

Password Box is capable to bear the strong password of 25 limits and downloading is absolutely free… If you want bigger and more passwords then you need to subscribe this app for $ 11.99 per year. This app allows you to one click log-in to websites and empowered with 256-AES encryption and with this you can also use the second layer of security with the help of adding PIN code. Your unlimited data and long list of websites and its password is completely secured under the one strong password of the PasswordBox. So, finding the websites with this app is absolutely easy and big save of time and energy. It supports almost all platforms iOS, windows, Android and Mac.

5. MSecure

msecure+ logo

MSecure will land you on those websites which you want to browse. It has strong password generator and there is wide range of options to create password so it is quite flexible in use. When you browse on password screen you find, there is option of uppercase and lowercase letters you have to write for generating the password. MSecure uses 256 bit Blowfish encryption to take a charge of protecting your account number, usernames, and passwords. It also comes with the library of 250 icons that is helpful in using to use your website separately and its log in buttons will remain safe within MSecure.

You need to pay for downloading this app named MSecure for Mac and Windows, cost is around $ 19.99. For iOS and Android, you need to pay $ 9.99 and it is just one time payment you need to involve in.