4 best Picasa alternatives as it is shutting down

best Picasa alternativesPicasa is shutting down and it is hogging all the limelight in recent time. The new updates or app will not activate in Picasa from March 15 2016. The official close of the Picasa will be from May 1 of this year. Are you finding the right host for you as you must not be adding anymore updates or images in Picasa? Getting Picasa alternative is not big deal in today’s world as we have plenty of option for us. You should not stay behind in knowing scrumptious list of Picasa alternatives. Here check the list and start downloading apt app for your mobile, tablet or PC.

Photoscape is the elementary photo editing app. It gives us complementary bliss of editing in different manner, creating something special and making collages with this app is bewildered aspect. The wide range of features is something you can expect from Photoscape. It will let you live every moment with your collection of images by creating something different or funny as well. You can be creative Photoscape and your collection of Photos will know the new address of happiness. This is surprisingly good Picasa alternative app that gives vent to your lifestyle in special manner.

Flickr is an absolute app for storing your different images. For optimizing this app you need to have account in Yahoo for signing up with Flickr. Its service is integrated with responsive features so you will feel at your best when you are using this app. Sharing your albums are quite easy and you can make it extraordinary with the editing and managing the images with your creativity. Flickr is compatible with Android and iOS. The good thing about this app is that it keeps secrecy of your account so your images are. I am going to optimized it for storing my images and other files. Flickr gives wonderful experience with your images and you can use collage to make your photos interesting and you can share your excitement with your family and friends in the form of creating new look to your photos. You can take the lively images from Flickr also for your personal and profession need so seeking different photos as per your need is the next easy thing. Flickr is a complete package and worthy answer to your photos permanent destination.

Windows Photo Gallery is right destination for those whose involvement is more in editing photos and its features permits users uploading the pictures to social sites like Facebook, You Tube, Flickr and One Drive. But you cannot store your images in Windows Photo Gallery. There is the provision of making collages, add captions, slideshows, panoramas, photo fuses and movies other than simple editing. It can save the names of the people tagged and geo tag details directly to the file. Windows Photo Gallery is the perfect option for boosting your creativity in multiple ways. It facilitates all the tempting features to you to make a great move with this app. You can add more color in your life by bringing this app in your life. Once you will use this app you will not give up using it as you will fall in love with its each feature. Integrated features are simple to use and operating is no way hassle as it does not require any technical knowledge.

Amazon Prime Photos is impressive Picasa alternative. This eligible desktop program is available for fulfill all your essential need related to photos and its editing. Amazon Prime Photos users should have Amazon account. Once you are registered with this app you can store all your personal or non personal images in Amazon Cloud Drive. Its storing capacity is huge so there is spare 5 GB free storage space for other documents, files and videos and other images as well. This app is complimentary option for the Android and iOS users or there is other alternative also and you can you can install the Cloud Drive app for Mac and PC for adding conveniently your collection of photos of your computer. This app is helpful in your day to day lives when it comes to move photos to folders, add tags and basic editing is cake walk for this platform like cropping, adjusting the light, curves, colors and you can also add visual effect to your desirable images. Its auto manage photo files are simple to use and not bloated with confusing features.

You can see the number of things can be resolved through Picasa alternatives and I am sure you will not drive down your mood if Picasa will not give us new updates as it is shutting down.