3 Chrome apps I can’t live without

Being a professional blogger and full-time social media freak, there’re a few things that really occupy a place in every thought of mine.  I’m mostly snowed down under n number of tasks at any given time, and I truly toil hard to complete all of them as fast as I can, and as efficiently as it can ever get.

And in such events, it’s always worth it to have some handy tool at hand to save you from the labor.  And consequently, my Google Chrome tool bar is always filled to the rafters with icons of apps I need and use most of the times.

Let me share my top three Chrome apps with you today. These tiny apps really make my life on earth a whole lot easier.

  1. Buzzsumo

Since the point in time Twitter stopped offering the number of tweets count on Twitter icons, it had been tough to stay abreast of your Tweets, retweets, and to check who tweeted what. And that’s certainly the last thing on earth you would like to see as a social media strategist, who is always in dire need to keep track of social media.

3 chrome must-have apps

Fortunately, there’s this tiny lovely Buzzsumo app which allows you to keep on track with what matters the most to you. It provides the number of tweets count effectively, along with a report on who were the sharers. And it also offers you a detailed overview of your accounts on various social media websites, without you requiring to log in to the Buzzsumo website.

Buzzsumo is a real boon for those who need to analyze, understand and assess the performance of content based on parameters like location platform. However, looks like the number of shares figure offered by Buzzsumo aren’t actually accurate in case you have removed dates from your URLs recently. But then, it may well prove more than handy for SEO, though it just mess things up on Buzzsumo in that case since it only count shares with new link address, leaving the old ones set to zero.

  1. CoSchedule

However, if I’m casually reading something that strikes my fancy on a weekend or haven’t got he CoSchedule app open for some reason, I can quickly share or schedule an interesting post for my audience, right from that post with the CoSchedule app on the Chrome toolbar. CoSchedule is like my pal, I’m mostly logged in to it, going on board multiple times daily – so the website opens in tab.

3 chrome must-have apps

However, if I don’t log in to it someday due to any reasons, or during those rare days when I use it just for some casual reading, I can promptly schedule or share a new interesting post for my friends, family, associates and audience, all from that simple and light post, all thanks to the magnificent CoSchedule app for Google Chrome.

You simply click on the icon and this page will pop up, allowing you to personalize your message and set a time for it to go live. All it takes is a simple click on the CoSchedule icon and a pop up will be right on your screen in no time, which you can use to customize the post and set a time for it to automatically go live.

  1. RSS Feed Reader

As part of my custom as a blogger and my responsibilities of managing social media accounts in my other ventures, I need to create lots of content on a daily basis.

3 chrome must-have apps

Moreover, for me it gets very important that I stay abreast of latest news, views, trends and analysis in global scenario to help keep myself up to the minute in this fast-paced industry. You can effortlessly use the traditional RSS feed reader on Google Chrome.

I use it seamlessly to keep pace with my favorite, preferred and all imperative shared content across different platforms.