How to Copy Someone’s YouTube Playlist

Millions of YouTube users across the world toil hard day in day out to search, select and manage the whooping amount of rich videos YouTube has on offer to create playlists that can be used to tailor user experience on the world’s largest media streaming website, thereby making it even more pleasant than ever before.

Looking for the latest FIFA cup highlights, or a dance track by sizzling Shakira, or perhaps you might be wondering over a new nursery rhyme for your little ones? Well, in that case, there’s every likelihood some YouTube passionate had already created a playlist with all such mind-blowing videos that might well strike your fancy.

So you can easily use that playlist to enjoy all those tracks the way you prefer.  You can even download your favorite playlist on any device, be it your Android or iPhone, for offline viewing later, or anytime you so desire.

YouTube, the world’s leading media streaming website provides you the comfort to save any playlist you open and play on it at any time.

How to Make Someone Else’s YouTube Playlist Your Own


It’s more like a saved bookmark that can be opened with a simple single click to access the videos anytime you feel like doing so. However, being a read only file, it provides you nothing in terms of power to modify or alter the contents of the playlist.

Moreover, as is the case with almost all digital entities stored on the world wide web, the YouTube playlist can, too, disappear at any time, and without a warning or notice, just like that! It might come into picture if a created playlist is deleted or is overwritten by any other playlist, or, in more general circumstances, if your account gets suspended over ‘n’ number of potential reasons, the most widespread being copyright infringement. When the YouTube account of a user is removed or locked, all associated playlists go down into the dumps, automatically.  However, the solution is rather simple. To save a playlist permanently, you’ll have to clone it into your personal YouTube account.

You will this way become the original owner of the created playlist and you won’t be affected if the playlist is removed from the YouTube account of its original owner who created the playlist in the first place.

How to copy YouTube playlist of a user

Here we introduce to you, YouTube Copier, a cool new social app that gives you the power to effortlessly copy any public playlist and add it to your personal YouTube account.

Get started by signing in to the app using your YouTube account and provide the app all access to your playlists and other content on YouTube.

Now provide the URL of your YouTube playlist and assign a new privacy level to your new playlist. Privacy level can be:

  • Public (visible to everyone)
  • Private (Only visible to you)
  • Unlisted (Visible to only those who have the playlist URL)

That’s all you need, now simply click the copy playlist button and you should see a copy of that playlist right into your YouTube account in a fraction of seconds.

Moreover, you can use YouTube copier to copy playlists of almost all sizes. No matter the playlist consists of 8 videos or 800, YouTube copier will get your task done without much of an issue.

How to merge multiple YouTube playlists

The YouTube Copier provides yet another startling feature. Invoke any playlist, no matter it’s yours or from someone else’s account, and merge it with an existing playlist with just a simple click. So in case you discover three different interesting playlists, then no need to save all three of them different and increase your labor, just merge the three of them and get set to steal the show.