14 Striking Signs Discovered By Drinking Less Water

14 Striking Signs Discovered By Drinking Less WaterDrinking water is the most wonderful thing for you. If you will ignore drinking enough water you will head yourself towards plenty of known or unknown issues with time. It is a key component of optimal health. Do not make a mistake of inviting trouble for you by avoiding water. Lack of water in your body will give birth to several suffering so see the deep effect of less water consumption in your body or in your skin.

 1. Digestive Issue

It is obvious to have digestive issue when you do not follow your food with good amount of water. Due to the lack of proper hydration, the sum and quality of mucus decreases in the stomach which gives birth to acid that lead you to indigestion.

 2. Constipation

Due to the lack of fluid in your body, you will experience constipation. The essential hydrated lubrication will not produce in your body and it will make you big sufferer.

 3. Premature Aging

Premature aging will reveal your other suffering caused by lack of water intake. It can show your external condition so the internal. When you do not take adequate water on daily basis your aging process become fast and makes you look older than your age. Our body’s capabilities with time decrease so intake of water generally diminishes so we need to increase our water consumption to get the desirable result.

 4. Sore Muscles

If you are not drinking adequate water you tend to lose the charm and toning of the muscles. Staying hydrated is always good option and it builds enthusiasm in your body. For a fitness freak people, they need to be habituated with drinking water so it will be easier for them to recover soreness.

 5. Issue of Kidney Stone

Kidney stone tend to develop when you stay longer without water. The reason behind the development of the kidney stone is that when there is a presence of imbalanced water, salts, mineral in your urine. In other words lack of water in your body will permit salts and mineral stick to each other, yielding kidney stone.

 6. Creates Joint Pain

We should take note on the posture also along with staying hydrated. It saves you from cramps when you do running, jogging and follow other fitness regimes. As your joints can absorb the shock of your activities or movements, if you keep your body hydrated by drinking atleast 8 glasses in a day.

 7. The longevity of illness

The more you drink water, the more you able to flush out toxins from your body. Water becomes the source of cleaning the waste product of the body through stool or urine discharge. When you do not drink sufficient water then in your dehydrated body, the organs tend to absorb the water from stored portion like your blood so it causes number of illness or sickness.

 8. Cause Fatigue

If your body is not getting much water then your body stays dehydrated so it takes the water from your blood which leads to the oxygen deficiency in your whole body. This process makes you feel drowsy and you experience tiredness due to lack of stamina.

 9. Feeling of hunger

In the dehydrated body, the feeling of hunger increased and in day and night you tend to feel it more. Craving for food lead you to obesity but when you are drinker of 8 to 10 glasses of water per day then it filters your organs and supply them with the fuel.

 10. Eyes become dry

The absence of water in your body heads you to dry bloodshot eyes. If you will cry your tear will not discharge more as you do not have water in your body.

 11. Skin becomes dull

You skin will not look healthy and it looks too dry. Dryness of skin is the earliest indication of dehydration in your body. There will be no sweat so your skin will not release the toxins. So drink plenty of water to see the overwhelming result on your skin.

 12. Mouth becomes dry

It is obvious that lack of water presence in your body do not produce mucus layers in your mouth and throat. Keeping your body hydrated means your mouth will produce more saliva.

 13. More thirstiness

You feel most of the time thirst and want to wet your tongue. Your body requires enough water so that you will fight against thirst with ease.

 14. Bad Breath

The bad odor of your breath is the unnecessary troubling factor for you. It should be cure as soon as possible. It will lead to the elimination of good health and cause number of health hazard.

Every biological problem is interconnected and if you want to say bye to several health hazards then drinking pure water daily in good quantity is the reasonable alternatives to stay healthy and fit.