100+ Essential Factors of a Common Computer Geek

Geek was used for the person who was circus freak but the time has changed it’s route along with the meaning of words too. The present world is used the word “Geek” for extra excellent person who is more advanced than any one contemporary others in similar profession. It is seen that geeks are normally over smart and they are excellent in more topics along with their specialized topics. Time has changed the geek has again morphed and it is indicated the individual of technology related professional. In summery, we can say that a geek is an expert of multi topics with full of knowledge all most all topics in particular fields of information technology. A techie geek is normally expert on hardware, software, programming, blogging, designing and many more topics; those are related to computer and internet. I have tried to short list the Essential Factors of a Common Computer Geek from my 7 years journey of geek hood.

100+ Essential Factors of a Common Computer Geek

There are thousands of skills have to learn for becoming a techie geek, but some are most essential to stay in hi-tech society as a computer guru or as a computer administrator. Just it needs to feel inner geek of mind with full devotion on the things around.

1. Technical Acronyms & Shortcuts:-

It is most essential basic for a techno geek to learn all the acronyms and keyboard shortcuts. Such –
i. Acronyms-
USB – Universal Serial Bus
GPU – Graphics Processing Unit
CPU – Central Processing Unit
ATA- AT Attachment (AT Attachment Packet Interface (ATAPI)
SATA – Serial ATA
HTML – Hyper-text Markup Language
HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol
FTP – File Transfer Protocol
P2P – peer to peer
ii. Keyboard shortcuts-
CTRL+C: Copy
CTRL+V: Paste
CTRL+Z: Undo
CTRL+B: Bold
CTRL+U: Underline
CTRL+I: Italic
CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu
ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
ALT+F4: Quit program
SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently
Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer

2. Default Password List:-

Select some remembered passwords those are normally used as default because it will help to carry the load of passwords.

3. Knowledge of the common gadgets & Widgets:-

It is needed to learn all the common gadgets and widgets for better performance as a techie geek. Always be perfect in the field of new invention and manufactures.

3. Use of Keyloggers:-

Normally multi users pc or laptop bears this functionality such internet cafes, library etc. Some time, it is used for personal home computers too because it bears multi users. So, a geek must observe the keyloggers to protect his/her security along with host owner.

4. Anonymous Web Surfing:-

It is not needed to go anonymous every time but it must need the skill of anonymous web surfing for a geek any where and any time when ever it is needed. Using proxies are the better to stay safe. As per information available on web says that torrent onions routing system makes almost impossible to find the geek.

5. Bypassing of Computer’s Password:-

Bypassing a computer’s password in major operating system is another skill which makes strength among the geeks but obviously this skill not for unlawful activities. This is only for educational purpose.

6. Anonymous IP Finding on AIM:-

It quite useless to know someone’s IP address but it has seen that some time, it is being harassed by some one with revealing IP address via AIM or chat messages. So, a geek must find the IP and give a handshake of law enforcement thread or any other similar scam ping to teach a lesson.

7. Major Programming Languages Literate:-

Programming or coding is an important part of computer education which is used for web development purpose. So, a techno geek must know the major programming languages to handle the website(s) belongs to own or clients. As per information says, geeks are normally expert in programming languages such as HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP and many more. Scripting languages are basic of internet, so geeks are the pillars of internet.

8. Knowledge of basic computer repairing procedures:-

Normally machines are breaking down any where and any time, so geek must have the knowledge of basic computer repairing which can safe time and money. This skill increases the reputation of techno geeks. I have seen a lot of techno geeks; those are advanced in computer repairing field.

9. Installation of drivers and malware investigation:-

Driver installation is handy work for a geek as it needs every time after booting an operating system or re installation of an operating system. Correct and exact drivers influence the performance of a computer. Malware or viruses are causes many thread for any operating system. So, a geek must have perfect knowledge about malware and viruses on major operating systems.

10. Helping nature with earned knowledge:-

It is a great virtue of a techno geek. As we know that only a few of us having more knowledge about IT or computer’s inner part. So, a geek must ready to help other geek or normal users those are in trouble with their pc or laptops. Helping others will obviously increase the reputation of a geek.

Some other Bonus skills are optionally needed for a techno geek-

11. Hide a File behind a JPEG
12. Crack a Wifi Password
13. Monitor Network Traffic
14. Recover Master Boot Record
15. Retrieve Data off Hard Drive
16. Load Rockbox onto an MP3 Player
17. Unbrick a Smartphone
18. Rip Streaming Videos
19. Strip Windows DRM
20. Homebrew Hack Game Systems
21. Find a Website IP Address Without Web/Command Prompt Access
22. Bypass School or Work Website Blocks
23. Screw with Wifi Leeches
24. Hexadecimal and Binary Number Systems
25. Increase Wifi Range
26. Carrying a Computer Cleaning Arsenal on Your USB Drive
27. Running an Operating System from a USB Thumb Drive
28. Read 1337 At Normal Speed
29. At Least One Fictional Language
30. How to Survive in a Linux Argument
31. Identify Major Constellations
32. Use a Camera in Manual Mode
33. Javascript hiding codes promote
34. How to Unlock an iPhone
35. How to install Major OS X on a PC
36. Build a PC instantly
37. Tethering a Smartphone
38. Wiring a Home Theater System
39. Replacing a Laptop LCD
40. Make a Laptop Cooling Pad
41. Unleash a Laser Pointer’s full potential
42. Soldering Glasses Together
43. How to Execute a Shell Script
44. How to Hack a Pop Machine
45. Turn a Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame
46. How to Mod a Flash Drive Case
47. Do Cool Things to Altoids Tins
48. Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Audio Files
49. Lock Your Computer with a USB Drive
50. Run Your Own Ethernet Line
51. Set Up a Streaming Media Server
52. Setting up a VPN
53. Turn Webcams into Security Cameras
54. Control Your House Lights with a Computer
55. Play Retro Games without Retro Consoles
56. Put LEDs inside a Lightbulb
57. Create Music with Keyboard
58. Make Your Office Ergonomic
59. Adding a Third Monitor
60. How to Convert a DVD to x264 (or XviD or DivX)
61. Flash System BIOS
62. How to Irrecoverably Protect Data
63. The Fastest way to kill a Computer
64. GK for every drunken Geek
66. Microsoft Network Monitor
66. Windows Sysinternals Suite
67. NTFS support for Mac OS.
68. 15 Web Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software.
69. Top 6 Underground Search Engines You Never Knew About
70. Fake Name Generator
71. Using open source

Final thoughts of the author:-

I never claim as a geek but I am sure these skills are made any one a great geek as per my own experience of 6 years as a savvy internet and computer user says. I have listed these skills from my own executed experience, so there may be some thing lost! If so, kindly inform me for future update of this article.