10 Facebook tricks you need to know but you never knew

Facebook has become a staple for all our social networking needs. Whether you need to update a status, dig up a little info on someone, share your favorite pics with friends, do some chit-chat, etc.; the social media channel has got it all covered.

Across the globe, around 1 billion+ people use Facebook; However, most of them don’t know that they can do the usual Facebook in a bit different way which is both easier and more efficient. Want to find out, check out the following list of 10 Facebook tricks:

No.1 – Change the status update font

Chances are that you don’t knew that you can change the font of your status update. Yes, you can. By default, Facebook provides only 1 font to the 1 bn+ FB users for updating their status. Not cool huh! For changing the font, head over here. Type your update and copy one of the several font options available for your FB status update section. Voila! Your status update’s font is changed.

No.2 – Get your Facebook Calendar synced with Google Calendar

To sync your FB Calendar with Google Calendar, you need to:

  • Visit Events in FB
  • Click on Options (…)
  • Choose Export Event
  • Now, open Google Calendar
  • Click on the down arrow next to the Other Calendars option found at the far left side
  • Select Add by URL to sync your FB Calendar event with your Google Calendar

No.3 – Leave a blank comment

Do you know that you can leave a blank comment in your Facebook friend’s status update! Well yes, you can do so by following a simple trick. To leave a blank comment, press and hold the Alt key and type 0173 in the comment box and then, hit enter. This will surely baffle the one on whose update you left the invisible comment.

No.4 – Avoid Facebook tracking your every single move

To avoid Facebook snooping your each activity, you can install a free extension dubbed Facebook Disconnect. The extension is available for both Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. Once you activate the extension, you can avoid Facebook tracking your each activity for good.

No.5 – Select who can see you on their FB Chat Online rolls

To make yourself exclusive as a FB chat option for some of your selected Facebook friends, you can select who can see the usual green light with your Facebook name suggesting that you are available for chatting. To select a limited people who can see you as online on FB chat:

  • Click on the settings located in the small Chat window in the bottom right hand corner
  • You will see an option Turn on chat for only some friends… followed by a blank box, enter the name of the selected friend whom do you wish to know that you are available here
  • Click on Save

No.6 – Block annoying Advertisements

Facebook is one of the websites that are flooding with advertisements. In you’re annoyed of such ads, you can have them removed completely with the Facebook AdBlock extension. The extension is available for Google Chrome. Install and enjoy an ad-free FB experience.

No.7 – Customized FB activity summary via email

For Facebook addicts, who can’t resist to know things happening over the social media channel can make use of this trick. NutshellMail is a service which allows you to have all the important FB updates mailed right to your inbox. The service also offers you to get heavily-customized Twitter updates mailed to you.

No.8 – Avoid unnecessary updates

If you are having FB friends that overuses the update option by posting updates that, according to you, aren’t necessary for you to know about then, you can easily avoid such bothersome updates. Simply, on such a post click on the little arrow facing downward at the top right corner. From there select the Unfollow “Name”. Don’t worry, this won’t unfriend you with the person and will only get rid of you the uninteresting status updates.

No.9 – Retrieve older messages

You should know that Facebook has an automatic filtering system for the FB messages. FB people other than your friends and with whom you don’t have any mutual friends are sent to a folder known as Other by this filtering system. You can check the folder to retrieve older messages including a forgotten friend, spams, promotions, etc.

No.10 – Completely delete your FB account

If you think that you are done with the social media channel, then you can delete your FB account to remove its identity off the Facebook space. For doing so, go to Settings > Security > Deactivate your Account. You’ll be then prompted with a number of reasons among which, you can choose anyone to let FB know what led you to take the action.

Hope you enjoyed our list of 10 Facebook tricks. Stay tuned for more.
Happy Facebooking!