10 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

Best Screen Recording Software for WindowsPeople these days most of the time spend their time in their PC and laptop and satisfying their digital need for their personal and professional work sometimes become problematic. In this hustle bustle if you get the best solution in the form of Screen recording software for windows indeed great boon for your productivity. Check my recommendation for 10 best screen recording software for windows.


Ezvid is not the software which is limited to screen recording. Apart from this Ezvid is involved in several features and impressively can be used with ease. It can record anything from any videos to any game and from any apps to maps. This is the best source to outsource multiple features. It helps you to make video in few minutes and there is also voice recording, facecam, screen drawing, speed control and more.


Camstudio has everything to offer and that is also free. You can download it with ease and its smooth running will amaze you. Camstudio is remarkable in screen recording and in video recording. It records your computer’s screen and you can have multiple option of formatting like avi or flash. Avi is of better quality than flash and you can feel the difference with the clarity of videos. Downloading is quite easy so capturing and screen recording can be unlimited.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream screen recorder is free app and it captures screen and record the screen with decency. Mixing the video and cropping the images is easy to do with this app. Download it for windows now for unlimited sharing of screen recording and capturing. This app support windows 2000 to windows 8. Not everyone prefers large screenshot so you can make it short with your convenience or that is applicable for the screen recording as well. Apart from this you can avail you audio setting, hotkey support, clipboard feature and others with the help of Icecream screen recorder…


Snagit is the most popular screen recording or screen capturing app. It is easy to use and it is so responsive. It is a paid tool but it has value every single penny. The conventional features will move you with its performance like cloud based services, set hotkeys and editing is fun with this. Download it now and this is not free.


Not everyone likes to have paid services from software so Jing is good option for them. I agree that it is not highly featured but it is good enough with simple features like screen recording or capturing and sharing it for your personal level and professional level will be appreciable.


If you want to create flash videos or PC or laptop recording or capturing Webnaria is a perfect choice for you. This window app is having number of features like set hotkeys, create animation and wide range of editing and many more. The formatting with flv while recording screen is amazing experience almost like cake walk. It permits you to capture any area of your screen in the form of screenshot or a video file. You can download this software for free and there is no buffering issue.

VLC Media Player

Almost all the people have in their PC or laptop VLC Media Player as this is so popular software. It is compatible not only with Windows but also Mac and Linux. This has various features and very performance oriented. It is rich in screen recording and in other different features.


Screenr is the best way for screen recording or screen capturing. It is feature rich and does support the platforms like Windows, iOS and android if your device is compatible with JAVA. It is quite simple to use and the activities capturing and recording your PC’s screen is incredible. It can capture your voice and you can share it on social sites or to your friends.

Active Presenter

Active Presenter is packed with perfect features as if there will be no lack. It is best alternative for screen recording and capturing it. It is quite fun to use this software as it is high in functions and features. It is good in providing effective tutorial at the professional level. The features like voiceover, annotations, callouts, graphics and more are complete worth using and solve various purposes. Download it free to grab more opportunity.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Whatever is in your PC’s screen or laptop screen it will record or capture with ease. Downloading this software is stunningly good and you will have blast while using it. The comprehensive videos can be recorded without hassle.

  • Ron Starc

    You have a good list, but you left off My Screen Recorder. My Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording software. It records your screen and audio from the speakers or your voice from the microphone – or both simultaneously. The recordings are clear and look great when played back on your website, uploaded to YouTube or used in your presentation. One thing often overlooked – It will record directly to standard compressed format that works with any video editor or any tool, no conversion required. And, the file sizes are small, making them easy to upload or distribute.