The 10+ Best Fitness Apps for 2016

Best Fitness Apps for 2016Here are we with The Best Fitness Apps for you .In the daily hustle bustle of life one usually doesn’t get the time for exercises. But one needs to do regular exercise in order to stay fit. With the various developments taking place in the field of technology there are now various applications available at our finger tips that can help us to stay fit. This article will give you an insight about some of the many available applications that will be your friend in staying fit and healthy.

Pocket Yoga [Android | iOS

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a very handy app for those busy people who don’t have the time to go out to the training centers. This application is easily available in Google Play Store for a nominal charge. Through this application you can view more than 200 various types of yoga. There is also audio recordings and visual animations to help you to see the posture formations.

Calorie Counter-My Fitness Pal [Android | iOS]

Calorie Counter-My Fitness PalFood is a very important of our lives and also one of the prime factors that determine our health. Calorie Counter is an extremely helpful application that keeps a check of what you eat. This application basically helps you to keep a track of your calorie consumption. With the help of this application you can also scan the barcodes of the food that you take to know their additional nutritive value.


JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer [Android | iOS]

JEFIT Workout Exercise TrainerYou may not have the time from your busy schedule to go to the gym for regular workout but you need not worry about it. Now you can have a personal trainer at your convenient time only at your fingertip through the JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer app. It is a widely used app and easily available from Google Play Store. This app has more than 1300 exercises that is shown by animations. You will also find a fitness tracking system recording your fitness.

Sworkit Personal Trainer [Android | iOS]

Sworkit Personal TrainerA very friendly app available in your smartphones that can serve as your personal trainer is Sworkit Personal Trainer. Containing more than 160 exercises this application also has yoga and helps you to make your own exercises according to your needs and requirements. It is a free app easily available from the Google Play Store.


Workout Trainer by Skimble [Android | iOS]

Workout Trainer by SkimbleA very popular app for fitness is Workout Trainer by Skimble. Although it is not a free app and you can get it from the Google Play Store for a minimum amount of money but it is worth the money due to its utility. Through this app you can customize your workouts, view videos on how to do the exercises.

Ingress [Android | iOS]

IngressA very interesting app which is actually a game that compels you go out and enjoy as well as get in shape through exercise is Ingress. One often does not feel like going out but that is totally taken care of by the app. This app involves activities like walking, biking, complex scavenger hunts, etc which in turn helps you to get in shape.


Sport Tracker Running and Cycling [Android | iOS]

Sport Tracker Running and CyclingAnother highly rated app available app in your smartphones to track your progress in is Sport Tracker Running and Cycling. It is very much recommended for people who engage in activities like running and cycling. This app has a lot of features like tracking your heart rate, various time, includes maps and distance calculators.

Runtastic Running and Fitness [Android | iOS]

Runtastic Running and FitnessIt is one of the most rated app easily available from the Google Play Store to keep a track of your running and fitness activities. It has a GPS tracking system with an Android Wear that tracks your activities like walking, running, jogging routes and biking. You can get all the information you want regarding your fitness through this.


Progression [Android]

An easily available tailor-made app on your smartphones is this app named Progression that helps you with your exercise routine. This app has exercises for you to choose from. The best thing about this app is that it is very handy for people who want to work on a particular area like cardio, abdomen etc.


C25K [Android | iOS]C25K_logo

It is one of the best and highly rated app that encourages a person to indulge in running or other exercises. It is basically a program that is designed for 8 weeks especially for people who are not engaged in any form of activity. It helps in developing muscle strength and cardiac endurance.

Fitbit [Android | iOS]Fitbit

It is a fitness tracking app easily available on your smartphones. It also includes a calorie estimator and a food log that can be used for tracking your nutrition intake. This app can also calculate the number of steps taken by you with the help of the sensors of your smartphones.